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lance tsosie wife

Whether or not you’ve seen the TikTok star’s recent appearances on Facebook, it’s hard to miss the fact that he’s now married. It’s been reported that he’s married his wife Nermina Mujkanovic, who is also a TikToker.

Lance Tsosie is a Navajo TikToker

Despite his social activism, Lance Tsosie does not hide his personal life from the world. His relationship with Nermina Miujkanovic is one of the most discussed topics on the internet.

She is a fearless activist and creator of content. Her videos are often related to major issues in the country. They are also a source of controversy, as she’s been criticized for sharing video evidence of sexual assault.

Lance Tsosie has a huge following on TikTok. He has over 2.8 million followers on the social media site, and his videos have received over 89.1 million likes. He is also the author of the famous phrase, “hey colonizer.” This phrase is used to refer to white supremacists and racists.

Lance is also an active member of the Denver Native American community. He has worked as a social justice advocate, educator, and theater play. He also posts content on native American cultures. His videos have occasionally sparked ire from white conservatives.

Lance Tsosie is not a transgender person

Despite his brashness, Lance Tsosie is actually a very modest guy. He’s a Navajo citizen born in Arizona, but grew up in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Denver and a master’s degree in education from Morgridge College of Education. He’s also an active member of the Denver Native American community.

He has a Twitter account and has a good number of followers on TikTok. He has a YouTube channel, too. He’s made a few TikToks showcasing his talents in bouldering and other indigenous culture related pursuits. He also has a plethora of social media friends. He’s even a parent of a presidential candidate. He’s also had his fair share of embarrassing moments. He’s also been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, including his now ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Hart.

Lance Tsosie married Nermina Mujkanovic

Activist and social media star Lance Tsosie, also known as Modern Warrior, has a new wife. He married Nermina Mujkanovic on March 21, 2020. According to a source, he and Mujkanovic were acquainted through mutual friends. But no official announcement has been made.

In the past, Tsosie has mentioned that he is planning to get married. However, he has kept his private life private. His wife is an activist who advocates Native American rights. She is also a fan of his TikTok videos. However, she is not well known.

Lance Tsosie is a Navajo citizen. He was raised in the Navajo Nation and moved to Glenwood Springs when he was eleven. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Denver. He plans to complete a master’s degree in 2022. He will receive his master’s from the Morgridge College of Education. He is also a graduate assistant at the Center for Multicultural Engagement at MSU Denver.

Lance Tsosie is an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential bid

Among social media aficionados Lance Tsosie is a household name. The self-proclaimed TikTok aficionado boasts over three million followers on the social networking site. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Denver and has done several high profile gigs in Hollywood. A self-described political buff, Tsosie is an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders’s 2020 presidential bid. Considering Tsosie’s background, he should be a worthy candidate for any high profile job, if he actually got one. This makes him a prime target for a few well-placed solicitations.

Lance has yet to make an official announcement stating the dotted line, however. He and his publicists are rumored to have been spotted on a number of high profile dates in recent memory. A source told us that Tsosie and his entour may have gotten a little too close for comfort.

Lance Tsosie is leaving TikTok

Earlier in March, the internet was ablaze with drama over TikTok creators Chelsea Hart and Lance Tsosie. Both parties had built huge followings, both by calling out racism. After allegations were made, both parties suffered huge losses in followers. The situation escalated, and it seems as though both parties are regretting their actions.

TikTok users were shocked by the allegations, and some compared the behaviour of Lance to sexual assault. As a result, many users spammed his account with comments about informed consent. These comments suggest that Lance stripped people of their right to make decisions about their lives.

As a result of the scandal, Lance Tsosie has been forced to step back from his social media accounts. He has lost 700,000 followers, and has been accused of being a “love rat” and a racist. He has also been hit with death threats.

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