Kenneth Mcgriff Net Worth

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kenneth mcgriff net worth

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Career as a rapper

Known as the “crack kingpin” and the founder of the Supreme Crew, Kenneth McGriff was a drug lord who gained wealth through his involvement in the drug trade. He was born on September 19, 1960 in South Jamaica, Queens, New York.

In 1981, McGriff began a crack cocaine-manufacturing organization that distributed drugs in the Baisley Park area of Queens, New York. His gang was the main player in the Baisley Park Crack Cocaine scene.

After being arrested on drug charges, McGriff served time in prison and was released on parole in 1995. He served nearly seven years. Then, in 2007, McGriff was arrested again, this time on murder for hire charges.

While in jail, McGriff was unable to hire a lawyer because he was in possession of a significant amount of money and assets. He had previously been indicted for drug trafficking and a Continuing Criminal Enterprise. However, he was acquitted on charges of laundering drug money.

Criminal convictions

Among the criminal convictions of Kenneth Mcgriff was his imprisonment for trafficking in narcotics and racketeering. This gang leader was also convicted of murder for hire. In 2007 he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

McGriff was arrested in 1987 after federal agents executed a raid on his home. The raid led to the seizure of narcotics, weapons and cash. The evidence from the crime scene showed that the gang dominated the crack cocaine trade in the Baisley Park Houses, a neighborhood in Queens, New York.

A year after the raid, McGriff opened a small barber shop near his parents’ house in Queens. He began meeting rappers and aligning himself with music mogul Irv Gotti. After his first arrest, McGriff served time in jail, but was released on parole in 1995. During that time, he reentered the world of criminal activity and formed the “Supreme Team,” a gang that grew to hundreds of members. The group made hundreds of thousands of dollars a day selling crack, and it inflicted violence on rivals.

Social media accounts

Known as “Supreme” McGriff, he is a convicted drug kingpin from Queens, New York. McGriff was arrested in 1987 following a joint state and federal investigation. He served 10 years in prison for running a crack-dealing crew. He has since been released on parole. His net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

McGriff is a member of the Supreme Team, an urban crime group. He is also an associate of the hip-hop producer Irv Gotti. The group specialized in the trade of crack cocaine in the Baisley Park housing projects of South Jamaica, Queens, New York. The gang grew to hundreds of members, earning between $20k and $30k a day.

In addition to being a drug lord, McGriff has also been convicted of murder-for-hire. He was accused of trying to kill 50 Cent. This is one of the biggest celebrity cashouts of all time. The jury did not unanimously agree on the death penalty, so McGriff was sentenced to life in prison.


Several years ago, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff was the head of a drug-dealing and criminal operation in the Queens neighborhood of Jamaica, New York. The organization commanded respect and money and became the creative inspiration for young hip-hop artists.

The documentary, which is directed by Nasir “Nas” Jones, follows the rise and fall of the Supreme Team conglomerate. Featuring LL Cool J, Ashanti, and NYC Mayor Eric Adams, the docuseries also explores the culture surrounding the Supreme Team.

It was a time when hip-hop changed dramatically. After 1988, when a New York police officer was murdered, the crack game turned up a notch. It was a big deal to hear the lyrics to the song Ghetto Quran, sung by 50 Cent, which detailed the crime-ridden world of New York. It was also a time when the street cred of Frank Sinatra was at an edge.

The documentary features a lot of insider information. It lays out the details of how the Supreme Team grew into a drug-dealing empire, and how it landed in prison. The leaders of the gang were Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff and Gerald “Prince” Miller.

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