CSGO Callouts For Dust 2

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Dust 2 is arguably the most popular map in the world of CSGO. It’s also one of the most competitive, and knowing the callouts can be a huge advantage.

If you’re looking to get better at CSGO, then you should try learning the basic csgo callouts dust 2. It’ll help you understand the locations better and relay important information to your team.


Dust 2 is one of the most popular and enduring skirmish maps in CS: GO. It has received universal recognition because of its well-balanced design, where neither team has any inherent advantages, and only skill and experience are necessary to secure a victory.

There are several important places that T players should know about in the map. These callouts will enable them to communicate with their teammates in a more efficient manner, which increases the chances of winning matches.

A Long – This is the path that connects T Spawn to A Site. Ts can use it by going right from their spawn point, while CTs need to go left.

The lower tunnels are a part of the same structure, connecting Mid and Upper Tunnels. They also feature a set of stairs that connect Mid to B Site.

Xbox is a huge box located near doors in the Lower Tunnels, which terrorists face while moving from Lower Tunnels to Mid or Upper Tunnels. It is a known smoke spot, which requires a jump bind. It is also a great smoke point for CTs to snipe A Short.

A Bombsite

Bombsites are one of the most interesting aspects of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. A bombsite is a location within a map where a Terrorist can plant a C4 in order to take over the map. While the exact location varies from map to map, bombsites are most commonly found at or near the CT spawn area in most games.

A Bombsite may not be the first place you think of when you hear the words “bomb defusal” or “demolition,” but they are key to success on both. While retaking a bombsite may be the most important part of the game, it also requires a significant amount of skill. The combination of positioning, utility usage and clutch ability is the elusive trifecta to success on any map.

Countless videos and articles have been written on the topic of A Bombsite. However, many of them focus on how to get there while others ignore the actual experience if you are lucky enough to land on one.

CT Spawn

VALORANT is an FPS game developed by Riot Games that shares a lot of similarities with Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The core gameplay loop involving attackers trying to plant a bomb and defenders attempting to stop them is the same.

Some jargon in Valorant is borrowed from CS:GO, including terms like ‘CT’ and ‘T.’

CT is a callout used to indicate the defenders’ spawn point, while ‘T’ indicates an attacker’s position on the map. Players often use ‘CT’ or ‘T’ to communicate where they’re positioned on the map, especially in situations where the defending team is guarding a bomb.

A smoke grenade thrown from a CT Spawn can block the view of Mid and B Doors, which can help split pushes for Counter-Terrorists and give them more time to secure A Long or A Short. Using this strategy can be tricky but it’s an effective way to dominate the middle of the map. Taking the time to master it will pay off big dividends on Dust 2.

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