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Viviane Dieye is a beautiful Senegalese model and actress who is currently dating Saudi Arabia football team manager Herve Renard. The couple have been together since 2016.

Herve Renard is known to be a skilled French international coach who has managed a number of African countries in the past. He has also won two AFCON titles with Zambia and Ivory Coast.


Viviane Dieye is an ex-wife of the late Bruno Metsu. After Metsu died due to cancer, she found love again and is now in a relationship with Herve Renard, a French professional football coach.

As a head coach, Herve Renard travels the world to train his teams. His partner, Viviane, joins him on these trips and enjoys sharing their adventures together. They also share exclusive photos with their loved ones on social media.

Herve Renard is a well-known football coach and has an estimated net worth of $103 million. He currently coaches the Saudi Arabia National Team and is living a prosperous life.

Herve Renard has three children with his former wife. Her daughters are Candide and Audrey Renard, while her son is Kevin Renard.


Viviane Dieye is a beautiful Senegalese model and businesswoman who runs a sports boutique in Casablanca. She is reportedly dating French football coach Herve Renard.

Herve is a former professional player who currently manages the Saudi Arabia national team. He and his partner share a close bond, as can be seen on their social media platforms.

The pair has been together for a while now and seem to be enjoying their relationship. They regularly travel around the world and take part in exclusive occasions with friends and family.

Herve is a successful football coach who has won a lot of awards and accolades over the years. He is known for his tactical genius and has a wide following in the sport.


Viviane Dieye is a Senegalese model and owner of a sports store in a Casablanca shopping centre. She is also the mother of three children – Enzo, Noah and Maeva – who she shares with her first husband, Bruno Metsu.

She is now dating a French Football coach Herve Renard. They are rumoured to be getting married soon.

Herve Renard is a well-known French Football coach and former player. He currently coaches the Saudi Arabian National team.

He is a married man who previously had three kids with his previous wife. He separated from her in 2018.

She is dating Herve Renard and they are planning to get married soon. They have been dating for a long time and have been together for over a year now. They are still in love and enjoy spending quality time together.


Viviane Dieye is a Senegalese beauty with an impressive pedigree. She is the wife of Herve Renard, a swashbuckling Saudi Arabia football crew supervisor. She is the matriarch of a gaggle of four children, three boys and a girl. Herve is a football fanatic and frequently takes his wife on trips around the world for a game or two. She likewise gets a kick out of the newest and the best, as evidenced by their Instagram feed. She is also a well rounded flier when it comes to food and wine, as shown by her latest post.

What is Viviane Dieye’s weight? She is a svelte gal in the normal sense of the word, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a good time! Her social media feed is packed with photos of her frolicking with her kids and enjoying new restaurants.


Viviane Dieye Instagram is a sensual beauty from Senegal who owns a sports store in Casablanca. She is currently dating French football coach Herve Renard.

Herve Renard is a French professional football coach and former player. He was previously married to the coach Bruno Metsu.

He is a successful professional football coach and is known for his tactical skills. As a professional football coach, Herve travels the world for games. He and his wife, Viviane, often travel together, sharing their adventures and creating new memories in every destination.

They enjoy dining out together and eating upscale foods. They also take part in a variety of other activities. They also frequently share photos from their trips. Moreover, they enjoy traveling with family and friends. They are also known for their good looks and love for one another.

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