Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and His Family

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Throughout the years, many musicians have made their mark on music. Some of the most notable musicians include Angel Ray, Lani Hammett, Kirk Hammett and Metallica. These musicians have all been known to perform in a variety of genres and styles, and their talent has been recognized by the world.

Kirk Hammett

Despite being known for his guitar skills, Kirk Hammett also has a family. He is married to Lani Hammett and the couple has two children. They live in Sonoma, California. Lani Hammett is a former singer-songwriter and actress. Lani was raised in Hawaii. She was an animal lover. She worked as a bartender and a scenester.

Kirk Hammett started playing the guitar at fifteen years of age, inspired by his older brother Rick. He was also inspired by the guitar work of Jimi Hendrix. He began playing guitar in an Exodus band before joining Metallica. He also played on the Spawn: The Album soundtrack.

Hammett is the son of a Filipino mother and an Irish Merchant Marine father. He is also related to Teofila “Chefela” Oyao and Dennis L. Hammett.

Lani Hammett

METALLICA lead guitarist Kirk Hammett has two children, Vincenzo Kainalu Hammett and Angel Ray Keala Hammett, with his wife Lani Hammett. The couple married in 1998. The couple lives in Sonoma, California.

Lani Hammett was born in Hawaii. Her parents are Filipino-American. Lani completed her schooling in her hometown. She has worked in several jobs. She has also done leather projects with Era Balestrier. Currently, she is a mother. She is very protective of her family.

Kirk Hammett and Lani Hammett were married on January 31, 1998. Their first date was Rebecca. Kirk and Lani got married in Kailua, Hawaii. Their son was born on June 28 2008. Their other son is Angel Ray Keala Hammett. They are both very protective of their family.

Kirk Hammett has a net worth of $200 million. He is considered as one of the most famous guitarists in the world. He is ranked the 15th in Joel McIver’s book of 100 greatest metal guitarists. He is also a songwriter for Heavy Metal bands.

Angel Ray

METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett and his wife Lani Gruttaduro welcomed a healthy baby boy on June 28. His name is Angel Ray Keala Hammett. His parents are Hawaiian and Filipino American. He is also a big brother to his younger brother Vincenzo.

Kirk and Lani are currently residing in Sonoma, California. The couple has been married for over 10 years and have two children together. The couple had their first date with Rebecca in 1987 and they were married in 1990.

Lani is also a former singer and songwriter and she launched Kirk’s leather guitar strap line. She has a sister named Carmella Gruttadauro. She is known as a good wife and has a great life. Lani Hammett has been very busy with her life. Kirk is also a busy guy with a lot of work. He prioritizes his family time over his work. He is very protective of his family.

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METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett has a family. He and his wife Lani have two children, Angel Ray Keala Hammett and Vincenzo Kainalu Hammett. The family lives in Sonoma, California.

The couple first met in Los Angeles. They got married in January 1998. Kirk Hammett is a guitarist and his wife Lani is an actress. Their first date was Rebecca in 1987. During the recording of Metallica’s “black” album, they got married.

Kirk Hammett and Lani have a 22-month-old son named Angel Ray Keala Hammett. Their son has a healthy body and his parents are happy. Their son has Hawaiian roots and his name is derived from a Greek word.

Kirk and Lani Hammett met in a Los Angeles gay bar. They married in January 1998, shortly after the Metallica recording sessions.

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