Atlanta Rapper Archie Eversole Net Worth

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atlanta rapper archie eversole net worth

Despite being one of the most famous Atlanta rappers, Arthur Archie Eversole is not yet rich. In fact, it is estimated that he has a net worth of around $600,000. However, he will be richer if he releases more songs and performs more shows.

Arthur Archie Eversole’s height

During his lifetime, Arthur Archie Eversole had made many important people in the music industry his friends. He was famous for his song, “We Ready,” which became the official pre-game hymn for the Five Stripes football team. The song was also used in a teaser ad for the National Football League.

He was born in Germany and raised in the College Park neighborhood of Atlanta. He started his career in the music industry at an early age. He released a full-length album at the age of 17. He became a professional singer and songwriter. He worked with a marketing and advertising department. He also studied licensing. In 2005, he founded a publishing company.

He died on April 3, 2022. Alexander Krause, his brother, was charged with murder in his death. His aggravated assault charges were upgraded to murder after his death.

He was a musician, rapper, composer, and songwriter. He released an album called Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style. It was released by an independent label called Phat Boy Records. It was reissued by MCA Records in 2002. His track reached number 83 on the Billboard 200 and number 64 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. It was a big hit and became a hit among sports fans.

During the 2014 Major League Baseball postseason, Eversole’s song was played at home games for both the Atlanta United and Kansas City Royals. He also appeared on a promotional poster for the National Football League.

Archie Eversole’s parents

Known as one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Archie Eversole is the American rapper who has been in the spotlight since 2002. The rapper has earned millions of dollars from his albums and has also collaborated with major brands like Lil Jon, Pastor Troy and Baby D. He has also worked with sports events such as the Atlanta United soccer club.

Besides being a musician, Archie Eversole is a songwriter and composer. He has written a song for the Atlanta United soccer team and has also been a part of a few rap songs. He has also been a featured singer in a song by Pastor Troy. His anthem, “We Ready”, has become a chant at NFL football games and tailgates. It has also been adopted as the official pre-game hymn by Five Stripes.

Archie Eversole was born in Germany and was raised in Atlanta’s College Park neighborhood. His parents were both military personnel and relocated to Georgia when he was young.

His father was a former officer in the US Navy and his mother was an army officer. He went to school in Georgia and graduated from the School of Hard Blocks. During his early years, he studied licensing and music. He also attended a basic university.

Archie Eversole’s song “We Ready”

Among his many accomplishments, Atlanta’s Finest Rapper, Eversole was known for writing the anthem for the city’s biggest sports event, the NFL’s “Atlanta Raiders”. His “We Ready” track and accompanying album, if you can call it that, has been a perennial hit on the R&B charts for years. He also wrote the aforementioned ode to the AFC’s “Oklahoma City Chiefs”.

Not content with that, Eversole released a handful of singles over the course of his career. His latest, the aforementioned aforementioned “King” is set to be released in November. In the context of his career, it was the most successful, as it reached No. 64 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The same could not be said of his more recent efforts, as his last release was a single on Geffen Records’ subsidiary label, Geffen Records.

Although Eversole never had the opportunity to perform a grand tour of the ATL, he stayed atop the ATL’s fanbase’s psyche with his contagious humor. His music is still played in many of the metro area’s bars and restaurants. It’s easy to see why. His untimely passing will be a massive loss to ATL’s fans, as well as to the city’s musical legacy.

The fact that the Atlanta rap star passed away at the relatively young age of 37 is a sad day for the Atlanta music scene, as it has lost one of its pillars of the family.

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