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lane bess net worth

If you’re interested in a few of the prestigious accolades that Lane Bess has received over the years, you’re in luck. He’s not only a cybersecurity businessman, but he’s also married to Letty Bess, a famous football player. In fact, he’s got such a stellar resume that his net worth is probably well above the average amount for a businessman of his caliber.

Davone Bess is a famous football player

Davone Bess is a famous Football Player who has had a successful career in the NFL. He is from California. He is a former receiver for the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins.

When he was a kid, Bess played on a 7-on-7 football team. He also lettered in baseball and basketball. In 2003, Bess graduated from Skyline High School. During his time at the school, he led the football team to a league championship.

After graduation, he was offered a scholarship to the University of Hawaii. Bess chose to go to Hawaii, because a friend of his high school coach had been working as a graduate assistant at the University of Hawaii.

Before signing with the Miami Dolphins, Bess was undrafted. Despite his talent, he was not chosen in the 2008 draft.

The Dolphins were looking for a wide receiver to fill the void left by Greg Camarillo. Bess impressed the scout.

Lane Bess is a cybersecurity businessman

Cybersecurity businessman Lane Bess has built three billion-dollar companies in the internet security space. He has also launched multiple start-ups and provided critical technology solutions to Fortune 2000 companies. Currently, he works as an adviser for the cybersecurity industry.

As a former Zscaler COO, Lane Bess helped scale the internet security company from a pre-IPO startup to an enterprise-grade cloud platform with a revenue run rate of $200 million. As Chief Operating Officer, he led the company’s late fundraising efforts and drove rapid growth.

The security veteran was recruited to serve as an executive chair for Deep Instinct, a New York-based deep learning vendor. The company recently closed $62.5 million in new funding and has multiple existing investors.

As a board member, he will help guide the company as it enters its next phase of growth. His extensive operational experience includes working in Asia and Europe. He is trusted by many large enterprise CIOs.

Lane Bess is married to Letty Bess

A former General Manager and CEO of Palo Alto Networks, Lane Bess has also been the founder of a venture capital firm called Bess Ventures and Advisory. He has 30 years of experience leading software companies and has been involved in the security and innovation industries.

He founded Bess Ventures and Advisory in 2015 and has supported startups and disruptive technology firms. As an entrepreneur, he has led late fundraising efforts and helped to build technology businesses in the Asia Pacific region and Europe.

Currently, he is serving as the Trustee of Carnegie Mellon University and has previously served as a director of the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences. He and his wife, Letty, have donated $10 million to the school’s endow dean’s chair.

While he has not disclosed details of his family, Blue Origin announced that Bess would accompany his son, Cameron, on the company’s New Shepard space flight. The trip will take the two of them to 62 miles above the Earth.

Lane Bess has a number of prestigious accolades

Lane Bess is a prominent technology executive with a wealth of experience in the security industry. Having served as the CEO and COO of Palo Alto Networks and Zscaler, respectively, he has helped to scale both companies to record revenue run rates. He is also a venture capitalist. Recently, he has been appointed to the Board of Directors at ZeroFox, a leading social media security company.

As a member of the advisory board, Bess will help lead ZeroFox as it moves into a new phase of growth. With a passion for protecting people, the new addition will lend his leadership to the organization’s mission of providing social media security solutions. In the future, Bess plans to donate his time and money to charities that focus on education, such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Bess had a successful career in law. She practiced in the Montgomery County, Maryland, and New York pro hac vice departments. Later, she specialized in civil rights litigation and worked as an assistant state’s attorney.

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