Madalynn Grace Galanti

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madalynn grace galanti

Madalynn Grace Galanti is an actress and model. She has recently appeared on various television shows, including her own show, “Funny Or Die.” Her net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. She is known for her roles on TV shows such as “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” In addition to her acting career, Galanti is also a social media star. Currently, she has over 41,000 followers on Twitter.

Abbie Mae Chapman

Abbie Mae Chapman is a seventeen year old girl. She was born in 2002 in Fairbanks, Alaska. Her father was a twenty-four year old man. Currently, she is doing her studies and is trying to be an intelligent student. Having an Instagram account, she is quite active on the social media.

Lyssa Galanti is the mother of Madalynn Grace Galanti. In addition, Lyssa has another daughter with Brahman. Bo Galanti is the ex-husband of Lyssa. They were married in 2009. But they broke up after three years. Then they started co-parenting their children.

Abbie and Madalynn are siblings. Their mother was also from the same family. But they were raised in a different family. However, they are very close. Both have inherited the beauty of their mothers.

Madalynn and Abbie are usually together. They love spending time outdoors. However, they don’t go to the same school. Currently, they are both single.

Lyssa Rae Chapman

Lyssa Rae Chapman is a bounty hunter, bail bondswoman, and TV personality. She is best known for her appearance on A&E’s television show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. Currently, she lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Before becoming a bounty hunter, Lyssa Chapman was a bail bondswoman. After working in the industry for several years, she began dating fitness trainer Leiana Evensen in 2016. They got engaged in December of 2017.

Lyssa Chapman was born in Denver, Colorado, in 1987. Her mother, Beth Chapman, was a cancer patient for many years. The couple has two daughters.

Lyssa was a licensed bounty hunter at age 19, and she worked at a family surety company, Da Kine Bonds. She has a strong social media presence with 233k followers on Twitter and 18k on Instagram.

Lyssa Chapman is a successful businesswoman in the United States. In 2019, she opened her own online clothing company.

Brahman Galanti’s net worth

Brahman Galanti is an American citizen. He was born in Hawaii and he is 47 years old. His net worth is estimated to be around $500k. He is not a famous celebrity but he has gained fame because of his ex-wife Lyssa Chapman.

Brahman and Lyssa Chapman were married in 2009. The couple was separated in 2011. Later in 2011, Lyssa and Brahman had a co-parenting relationship and had two daughters together. Their daughter, Madalynn Grace Galanti was born in 2009.

Lyssa Chapman is a well-known businesswoman, fitness trainer, author, and TV personality. She has a net worth of approximately $500k. She is also the owner of a clothing line. She is an avid fan of adventure. In November of 2019, she launched her own online clothing line.

Lyssa’s father helped Brahman get clean from his drug addiction. After he was released from prison in 2020, he is now sober again.

Social media presence

Madalynn Grace Galanti is the youngest child of Baby Lyssa Chapman. She was born in the year 2009. She is 10 years old. Her father, Brahman Galanti, is 46 years old. His mother, Lyssa Chapman, is a popular American television personality and entrepreneur. They have a beautiful relationship.

Madalynn is an animal lover. She also loves spending time outdoors with her family. She is very close to her sister Abbie Mae. Although they are from different fathers, they share a strong bond. But it’s not clear whether they will attend the same school. Their parents, Lyssa and Brahman Galanti, split after two years of marriage.

Madalynn is close to her mother Lyssa. Her mother owns the clothing brand Baby by Lyssa. The clothing line is known for selling casual and comfortable clothes. It also sells beachwear. However, it is unclear whether Lyssa shares her baby with her ex-husband.

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