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Jovit Baldivino is a famous Filipino singer who has won Season 1 of ABS-CBN’s Pilipinas Got Talent. His performance of Journey’s “Faithfully” impressed judges and fans, and he went on to win the competition.

He grew up in a poor family and sold siomai after school to help his parents pay for their education. After winning the competition, he was able to lift his family out of poverty.

1. Zody Baldivino

Jovit Baldivino first came into prominence as the winner of Pilipinas Got Talent in 2010. He was born into a poor family and he used to sell siomai at a market to help his parents get out of poverty.

He was able to complete his studies in Batangas State University and he majored in Criminology. He aspired to be a lawyer like his uncle, who was one.

However, his life changed drastically when he won the show. He became famous and made a lot of money.

On December 4, 2022, he suffered from a mild hemorrhagic stroke. He was rushed to a hospital and underwent surgery.

He then died on December 9, 2022 at Jesus of Nazareth Hospital in Batangas City, Philippines. He was 29 years old at the time of his death. His brother, Gil, said that he died at 4:08 a.m. He is survived by two daughters.

2. Akeaya Baldivino

Jovit Baldivino is a Filipino singer who shot to fame after winning Pilipinas Got Talent. He is known for his song “Pusong Bato,” which went triple platinum. He also released a few other albums and performed in various music videos.

Jovit was born on October 16, 1993. His life path number is three, which indicates that he has a very strong gift of charisma and creativity.

He had a difficult childhood and struggled a lot, but he was determined to pursue his career in showbiz. He was also a successful businessman and made millions of dollars in the process.

His death came as a shock to fans. His CT scan reports showed that he had a blood clot in his brain, a sign of an aneurysm.

His family was also devastated by his untimely death. His mother Cristeta Baldivino and father Larry Baldivino (Hilario) are mourning for their beloved son.

3. Akeyea Baldivino

Jovit Baldivino, the first winner of Pilipinas Got Talent, died on December 9, 2022. He had recently suffered from a mild stroke and was admitted to a hospital in Batangas. His family and friends were devastated by the news.

Jovit was born into a poor family and worked hard to lift his family out of poverty. He joined the first season of Pilipinas Got Talent in order to pursue his dreams and become an artist.

He attended Batangas State University and majored in criminology. He also aspired to be a lawyer like his godfather.

Before his death, he was engaged to Camille Ann Miguel. But he and his fiancee have since terminated their relationship.

A key reason for the relationship termination is Chavez’s social media post of five screenshots from Baldivino’s live video with another girl. She claimed that she caught him with the girl, but Baldivino later erased the footage.

4. Camille Ann Miguel

Jovit Baldivino was born in a poor family and had to sell siomai at the market after school in order to pay for his studies. However, his dream was to be a singer, and he hoped that winning Pilipinas Got Talent would help him realize it.

He eventually auditioned for the first season of Pilipinas Got Talent and won a $2 million prize, which helped him complete his studies and lift his family out of poverty. He later attended Batangas State University and majored in Criminology.

Unfortunately, he suffered a stroke in November 2022 and was advised to rest. Despite the advice, he still performed at a Christmas party in Batangas City.

Afterwards, his health deteriorated and he was admitted to Jesus of Nazareth Hospital in Batangas City. He passed away at 4:08 a.m. on December 9, 2022.

Jovit Baldivino’s wife, Camille Ann Miguel, took to social media to share her heartache over his passing. She wrote that she will always love him, and her thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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