Herve Renard and Viviane Dieye – World Cup Charms

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Herve Renard’s stunning partner Viviane Dieye appears to be a lucky World Cup charm. She was once married to Senegal manager Bruno Metsu who won the country a World Cup victory over France 20 years ago.

She has three children from her first marriage and a step-son from Metsu’s previous relationship. Her husband died from colon cancer in 2013.

Bruno Metsu’s wife

Bruno Metsu’s wife, Viviane Dieye, is a Senegalese beauty who owns a sports store in a shopping centre in Casablanca. She is also the mother of three children, Enzo, Noah, and Maeva.

She was married to her first husband, who died a few years ago, and birthed three children with him. She was also the stepmother to a fourth child, Remy, who is from one of her ex-husband’s previous relationships.

Her ex-husband Bruno Metsu had a long battle with colon cancer and died on 15 October 2013. The former Senegalese coach was a popular figure among fans and officials alike, and his relaxed yet inspiring coaching style helped fuel his team’s success.

Renard is known for his charismatic style and his ability to motivate players, even when he was coaching low league sides. He guided Senegal to the championship final of the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations, which they won, and he was awarded a hero’s welcome by the nation when they returned to Dakar following their exit from the tournament.

Herve Renard’s girlfriend

Herve Renard’s girlfriend is Senegalese beauty Viviane Dieye. The former wife of Bruno Metsu has been dating Renard for a while.

She has been a very close partner to Herve for a while and is seen with him in public with lots of love and affection.

The 54-year-old Frenchman is a coach who travels the world for his jobs and Viviane often joins him on these journeys. They adore each other and enjoy a lavish lifestyle together.

They also have three kids – Candide, Audrey and Kevin – from their previous relationship. Unfortunately, one of their daughters was subjected to a sexual assault by a local fan during her time in Morocco.

Herve Renard and Viviane Dieye’s relationship

The former French footballer, Herve Renard is in a relationship with the widow of coach Bruno Metsu. Herve Renard and Viviane Dieye have three children together namely Enzo, Noah and Maeva.

Herve Renard was previously married but is currently in a relationship with the Senegalese beauty, Viviane Dieye. They are currently seen clasping hands in a public place and have a good love life.

Renard is a French soccer coach who has managed a number of different clubs in his career. He has also managed the Ivory Coast national team.

Viviane Dieye was previously married to Bruno Metsu and died on October 15, 2013 due to cancer at the age of 59.

She won everyone’s sympathy with her fight alongside her husband until his last moments. In an interview, she paid tribute to her late husband and said that he was generous towards his friends and family.

Herve Renard is a successful coach and has been in the sport for many decades. He has managed the Ivory Coast national team, and won the Africa Cup of Nations twice.

Herve Renard and Viviane Dieye’s kids

Herve Renard and Viviane Dieye are a couple who love to travel the world and share their adventures with one another. The pair enjoys dining out together and documenting exclusive occasions with friends and family through photos.

Herve is a French football coach who is best known for winning the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations with Zambia and the 2015 competition with Ivory Coast. He is the first coach to win two AFCON titles with different teams.

He was previously in charge of Morocco and guided the African nation to their first World Cup appearance in 20 years last year. His style has made him a favourite amongst the fans and the team are set to do well at the 2022 tournament in Qatar.

Herve met Viviane Dieye while he was in charge of Morocco and they fell in love after her former husband Metsu passed away from cancer. They are said to be planning to tie the knot soon.

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