Herve Renard and Viviane Dieye

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Herve Renard, the French manager who led Saudi Arabia to an incredible World Cup shock against Argentina today, is a lucky man. He has a stunning partner who happens to be the widow of Bruno Metsu, the former Senegal coach who caused a global sensation with a World Cup giant-killing 20 years ago.

Herve Renard and Viviane Dieye

Viviane Dieye is a senegalese media star who is best known for her marriage to former French footballer and coach Bruno Metsu. She also shares a stepson with Metsu, Remy, from her previous relationship.

Renard is a French coach who has been in charge of several African teams in the past. He is currently in charge of Saudi Arabia’s national team and has led them to great success.

Herve Renard and Viviane Dieye have been dating since 2016 and they are seen frequently clasping hands in public. They are also seen together with their children.

The couple recently took their kids from their past relationship on a vacation and had a good time together. They even had a nice dinner date with sushi and wine. Herve Renard shared a photo of their date on his Instagram account.

Herve Renard is a 54-year-old man who is in a relationship with his partner, Viviane Dieye. Herve Renard and Viviane were first introduced by their close friends and family.

They have been dating for about a year and they are still in love with each other. They are seen clasping hands and kissing each other often.

Their relationship is very successful and they are always happy and in love with each other. Herve Renard and Viviane are also very supportive of each other.

The couple loves helping others without expecting anything in return. This is one of the reasons they are so successful in life.

Herve Renard and Viviane have a beautiful home in Morocco and they love spending time with their family. They love to travel and they have a lot of fun.

Renard and Dieye are very open about their relationship and they often share their thoughts on social media. They also post pictures of themselves together and their family.

Herve Renard is a famous coach and he has been in charge of many teams in Africa. He has a strong reputation and is loved by his fans around the world.

Viviane Dieye and Herve Renard

Viviane Dieye is a beautiful woman who currently enjoys a relationship with Herve Renard. She is the widow of Bruno Metsu, a French football coach who passed away in 2013.

Herve Renard and Viviane Dieye are in a relationship together and enjoy traveling to different places around the world. They love to share their adventures with one another and create new memories wherever they go.

She is also an entrepreneur and owns her own business in Morocco. Her store is located in a shopping mall in Casablanca. She had three children with her first husband and is the stepmom to a fourth child, Remy, from Metsu’s previous relationship.

The couple have been together since 2010 and are reportedly planning to marry soon. It is believed that she fell in love with Herve Renard after Metsu’s death.

Herve Renard is a popular sportsman and has been known for winning two Africa Cup of Nations. He has also coached Zambia and Morocco at various international competitions.

He has a huge number of followers on his Instagram account and earns a lot from his sponsored posts. He also has a lucrative sponsorship deal with Adidas and Hublot.

According to Popular Bio, Herve Renard has an estimated net worth of 103 million dollars. He has been in the sport for over 30 years and has a strong reputation among his fans.

His wife, Viviane Dieye is reportedly his best friend and she is also the manager of Saudi Arabia national team. Her love for the game is evident on her social media accounts.

During his career, Renard has managed a number of African teams including Zambia, Angola, Ivory Coast and Morocco. He has led these teams to some great achievements, including the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations and the 2018 World Cup.

Herve Renard is an incredibly successful coach and has a huge number of followers on his social media account. He is also a huge fan of upscale cuisine and his social media accounts are full of exclusive moments with his friends and family.

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