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Cheslie Kryst is a famous American model, television presenter, and beauty pageant titleholder. She also served as a New York correspondent for Extra.

She was born on 28 April 1991 in Jackson, Michigan, United States.

Cheslie is a daughter of April Simpkins and her husband, David. Her father is a Polish-American while her mother is an African American.

Asa Kryst

Asa Kryst is the younger brother of former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst, who was killed by suicide. The family’s tragic loss has left a huge hole in their lives.

Asa grew up in Jackson, Michigan, and attended the University of South Carolina, where he played soccer for the Gamecocks. He also earned a degree in marketing and human resources management.

He is a talented writer and director, who started his story-telling career at a young age. He began working on family holiday video projects, and eventually honed his skills to create a unique approach that sets him apart from other filmmakers.

He has a passion for social justice, and his latest project was a 60-second video about the protests in 2020. He hopes to finish his first feature-length documentary this year. He has also created a series of music videos that focus on his faith. These songs have received more than 4,000 likes on TikTok.

Chandler Kryst

Cheslie Kryst is a successful attorney, beauty pageant queen and TV correspondent. Her accomplishments were fueled by her parents, who were her biggest cheerleaders throughout her life.

Her mother, April Simpkins, is an African American who works as a business executive. She competed in beauty pageants when she was a child, and Kryst admired her and wanted to become just like her.

Despite divorce, her parents remain close and helped her achieve many milestones in her life. They also taught her the importance of family, and she was very fond of them.

She also made sure that she had a good education. She attended Northwestern High School and Fort Mill High School in North Carolina.

She was crowned Miss USA in 2019, making her the first black woman to win the title. After her win, she joined the Wake Forest Law School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to pursue a law degree and MBA. She graduated with honors; cum laude from the Darla Moore School of Business.

Jet Kryst

Cheslie Kryst had a successful career as a lawyer. She worked at Poyner Spruill LLP and provided legal services to low-level drug offenders who could not afford the service. She also volunteered her time at the United Way.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and human resource management from the University of South Carolina and an MBA at Wake Forest University School of Law. She was a public speaker and a social justice activist.

Kryst was also an advocate for mental health. She spoke about her struggles with internet trolls in an essay for Allure in 2021.

Her parents remained supportive of her throughout her journey and were devastated when she committed suicide in January 2022.

Her father, Rodney Kryst, revealed in a recent interview that she had high-functioning depression and tried suicide several times before her death. She had never used drugs or alcohol, he said, but he also blamed her suicide on family dysfunction.

Brooklyn Kryst

Brooklyn Kryst is a model and social media influencer who has amassed an impressive following on Instagram. She posts beautiful pictures of herself and her life, as well as travel photos.

She also features interviews with her family members and friends. She is the youngest of five siblings, including Asa, Chandler, Jet and Jet’s sister, Page.

Kryst was born in Jackson, Michigan, and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina when she was a toddler. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina and then went on to study law at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

In 2017, she graduated with a Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration from Wake Forest. She was a passionate advocate in both the courtroom and outside of it.

She served as Miss North Carolina USA in 2019, and remained involved in prison reform issues. She helped release clients who were serving long sentences for crimes that did not reflect their offenses.

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