Scottie Scheffler’s Grandmother Wins His Heart

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Grandson and grandmother embracing and using laptop at home

The world is swooning over PGA Tour star Scottie Scheffler’s latest victory, but it’s his grandmother who’s winning our hearts. During the four-day tournament at TPC Sawgrass, Mary Scheffler walked all 72 holes with her grandson.

She’s no stranger to her role as a grandma. In fact, she walked all 18 holes with her grandson back in 2022 at the Arnold Palmer Invitational Bay Hill.

Mary Scheffler

Despite the fact that Scottie Scheffler won a second consecutive PGA Tour event and reclaimed his spot as world number one, it was his 87-year-old grandmother Mary who stole the hearts of golf fans over the weekend. She walked every hole in the four-day tournament and was surrounded by her grandson’s family all week.

The family is a big part of Scheffler’s life, as he was raised in Texas and was surrounded by his three sisters. His sister Callie is a professional golfer and his other two sisters, Molly and Sara, play golf as well.

He and his girlfriend, Meredith Scudder, first met when he was a junior golfer and they were both in the same golf club. They dated for about six years and married in 2020.

As a teenager, Scheffler played with a golfer named Rocky Hambric, who is an agent and founder of Hambric Sports. They became fast friends and Hambric has since become a mentor to Scheffler.

Scott Scheffler

Scottie Scheffler’s grandparents have been supportive of his professional golf career. They believe in him and are proud of his achievements.

When Scheffler was three years old, he started playing golf. He loved hitting the plastic club and ball around his front yard.

He also liked to play pick-up basketball and table tennis. He thinks Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete ever and his favourite sportsperson growing up was New York Yankees baseball player Derek Jeter.

Besides golf, Scheffler loves playing video games and following NFL teams. He is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys and has even supported the Dallas Mavericks.

He is a deeply religious man and his faith has been a key component in his life. He attends church frequently and tries to live by the teachings of his faith. He and his wife Meredith are devoted to each other and their family. They have two children.

Meredith Scheffler

Meredith Scudder is Scottie Scheffler’s wife and she has been with him for six years. She grew up in Dallas and met her husband at Highland Park High School in Texas.

She has worked for various humanitarian organizations, including Family Legacy and Live Beyond. She also served as a team leader, event planner and co-founder for With Purpose College Station.

Faith is a very important part of the Schefflers’ life. They often attend church and pray together. They also like to read the Bible and discuss its teachings.

Meredith and Scottie’s faith is a major source of strength in their relationship. They rely on it to guide their decisions and help them through difficult times. They are also very happy and content with their marriage.

Delorenzo Scheffler

Scottie Scheffler is a fast-rising golf superstar. He’s already won three times on the PGA Tour and is currently ranked No. 1 in the world.

But he still doesn’t take himself too seriously. Even after he won The Players Championship Sunday, he acted like he was playing for nothing extraordinary.

And it’s that unaffected demeanor that’s helped him navigate the whirlwind of his career. During a recent interview with The PGA, he talked about how he hasn’t let his sudden rise in popularity affect him at all.

His grandparents also play an important role in his life. They’ve been with him on every trip to the course since he was a kid.

During his win Sunday, he pointed to his family behind the 18th hole and gave them a shout-out. And he especially highlighted his 87-year-old grandma, Mary DeLorenzo, who walked with him all the way through the 72 holes. NBC Sports shared the moment she saw her grandson win and footage of their post-win embrace.

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