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Atila Altaunbay is a Turkish Muslim man. He was born in 1976 in Turkey and grew up in Belgium.

He is a professional bodyguard. Grace Jones engaged him to be her personal guard in 1995.

1. He is the Father of Grace Jones’ Son

Atila Altaunbay is a Turkish-born actor who married Grace Jones. They tied the knot in 1996, and they enjoyed a wonderful marriage for eight years.

He and Grace met when he was hired as her bodyguard at a nightclub in New York City. They fell in love and eventually married.

Although they were only married for a short time, their marriage made headlines. Their age gap was a source of controversy, but the couple handled their differences in a mature manner.

Atila was born in Turkey and raised as a Muslim. His family firmly adhered to the Islamic law that says the oldest son must marry before the youngest son. Hence, Atila’s nuptials to Grace Jones was considered a violation of his religion and his family.

2. He is a Model

Atila Altaunbay was a model and an actor before he married Grace Jones. During his time with the Jamaican singer, he had a lot of fame and earned a huge net worth.

He was born in Turkey, but he grew up in Belgium where he got his training as a bodyguard and also took singing lessons.

His career began when he started working with Grace Jones as her bodyguard. They met when she visited the club where he worked and quickly got close to each other.

The couple married on February 24, 1996 and the marriage lasted for seven years. However, they separated in 2004.

3. He is a Movie Star

Atila Altaunbay was a bodyguard of the Jamaican model Grace Jones for a while. They became close and eventually married.

In 1996, the two got married in front of 50 people. They had a happy marriage for about eight years, but they separated and went their separate ways.

He was born in Turkey and grew up in Belgium. He completed his education in his hometown and also received training on critical things, such as CPR, AED, Marshall, etc.

He has been a celebrity for many years, but his personal life is relatively low-key. He doesn’t like to share details about his family with the media. He says that he doesn’t want to drag his parents into the spotlight, as it would be harmful for them.

4. He is a Stage Performer

Atila Altaunbay is a model and actor, but he has also tried his hand at stage performance. He has performed in many stage dramas.

He is a Turkish Muslim who lives in Belgium. He is married to Grace Jones, but their relationship got off to a rocky start.

After threatening Grace with a knife, Atila Altaunbay disappeared from the limelight. He is now in a low profile and doesn’t have social media accounts.

He is currently 46 years old. He has an estimated net worth of $800,000. Atila Altaunbay is regarded as one of the best bodyguards in the world. He has worked with Grace Jones for a long time and was paid well.

5. He is a Pizza Delivery Guy

Atila Altaunbay started his career as a pizza delivery guy in Belgium. He then joined a security agency, and worked as a bodyguard. He got to know Jamaican model Grace Jones, and she hired him to be her personal bodyguard.

He also took singing classes and performed at weddings. In addition, he had a number of roles in stage plays. His first popular movie was Mind Games.

Atila Altaunbay is a Turkish national, born in 1976. He was raised in Belgium by his parents. He is a Muslim. He has completed his formal education in Turkey and has also done training in CPR, AED, Marshall, and other physical activities.

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