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Jodean Bottom isn’t a celebrity, but she belongs to a famous family. She is the half-sister of renowned names like River Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, Liberty Phoenix also known as Mariposa Phoenix, and Summer Phoenix.

She is the daughter of John Lee Bottom and his girlfriend Trinity. Her father later married Arlyn Phoenix.

Jodean Bottom Wiki

Jodean Bottom is an American actress who has kept her personal life private. She has a daughter and lives a quiet life away from the media attention.

Bottom’s father had a relationship with another woman and her birth was a result of this illegitimate fling. She is known to have five half-siblings. These include River Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Liberty Mariposa Phoenix, and Summer Phoenix.

River is a famous actor and has won many awards for his performances. He was also an animal rights activist and environmentalist.

Joaquin is a popular actor who has been in several blockbuster movies. He is also an award-winning director and producer. He has appeared in films such as Stand by Me, Dark Blood, and Joker. Joaquin has also starred in the television series The Fugitive.


Jodean Bottom was born on 29th February 1964 in Amadora, Portugal. She is the eldest daughter of John Lee Bottom and his girlfriend, Trinity. Her father later married Arlyn Phoenix and she has five half-siblings, including River Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, and Liberty Phoenix.

Bottom has kept her personal life private and does not disclose much about herself. She is a fan of classic rock music and enjoys movies such as Forrest Gump and Clerks.

Besides being an actress, Bottom is also a yoga instructor. She has taught in various places around the world and is passionate about her career. However, she has not revealed much about her professional life as she prefers to live a normal life away from the media attention.

Net Worth

Jodean Bottom is a private person who prefers to stay away from the media. She keeps her annual income and assets hidden from the public. She also does not share her profession with the media.

Her half-brother, River Phoenix is a famous actor who appeared in movies such as Support Me, Dark Blood, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He died at the age of 23 due to drug abuse.

Her sister, Liberty Mariposa Phoenix is a film actress who appeared in movies like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Kate’s Secret. She also did television shows such as The Faculty and SLC Punk! Her other sister, Summer Phoenix is a well-known model and actress who appears in movies like Suzie Gold and The Believer.


Jodean Bottom is a beautiful lady with a good height and a fit body. She has black-colored hair and blue-colored eyes. She hasn’t disclosed any details about her husband and is living a private life.

Bottom is an American by nationality and follows Christianity. She was born on 29 February 1964 and is 58 years old now. Her father John Lee Bottom is the father of her brother Joaquin Phoenix. However, he had an affair with her mother and later married Arlyn Phoenix, the stepmother of Jodean.

Bottom is the half-sister of famous Hollywood movie actors River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix. She also has a daughter with her half-brother. Her last name is derived from the mythical bird, which rises from its own ashes.


Jodean Bottom is a private person who likes to live a low-key lifestyle. She is not active on social media and prefers to stay away from the spotlight. However, she has a lot of money and lives in a luxurious house. She also has a child.

She was born in Portugal and her father John Lee Bottom later moved to Canada in order to avoid being drafted for the Vietnam war. He then married Arlyn Sharon Dunetz, who gave birth to Jodean and her siblings, Liberty Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, and Rain Phoenix.

Jodean has the tattoo of a mythical bird called Phoenix on her arm, which is a nod to her father’s adopted surname. She is also a fan of yoga and advocates mental health awareness.

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