Lawrencia Palmer Tragedie

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Lawrencia Palmer, the younger sister of renowned Emmy-winning actress Keke Palmer, has been an active voice in social justice causes. She studied political science at Florida A&M University and is fearless in her advocacy against social injustice.

Lawrencia is a vocal, ambitious and talented personality who has a lot to offer. She plans to build a career in law or politics after graduation in 2023.

Born in 2001

Lawrencia Palmer, the younger sister of renowned singer and actress Keke Palmer, was born on March 3, 2001. She is currently studying Political Science at Florida A&M University and is a fearless advocate against social injustice.

She is a proud member of the Black Is Gold, a non-profit organization that promotes social justice and equal opportunity. She also serves as a peer mentor.

Her parents, Sharon and Lawrence ‘Larry’ Palmer, are former professional actors. They met in drama school and have stayed involved with the film industry.

Despite her success as an actor, she is more interested in social issues and activism. She is a student senator at Florida A&M University, and has already made an impact on the campus community.

During her college career, Lawrencia faced a devastating tragedy. She suffered severe kidney failure at the end of her senior year, but she fought back and came through it strong.

Studying Political Science at Florida A&M University

A political science major is an important field for any student who wants to learn about the history, theory and practice of government. It is also a valuable degree for those who are planning to become a lawyer or politician in the future.

Lawrencia Palmer is a fearless advocate against social injustice. She is currently studying political science at Florida A&M University and plans to build a career in advocacy or politics after graduating in 2023.

She is the younger sister of renowned Emmy-winning actress Keke Palmer. She is an active member of the Student Senate and has already received recognition for her work as a social justice activist.

Lawrencia grew up in a Christian household and was taught to be confident and fearless by her parents. She learned to depend on God through every trial and knew that family was forever. She has a heart of a faithful person, the energy of an adventurer and a passion for seeing the world and living life to its fullest.

Actively Involved in Social Causes

Lawrencia Palmer tragedy has been a passionate advocate against social injustices. She is a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and is always looking for new ways to help her fellow Florida A&M University students navigate the sometimes choppy waters of college life. As a student, she is actively involved in her alma mater’s campus community and her activism efforts have earned her many accolades, including a spot on the Florida A&M University’s 49th Student Senate as a rookie senator. She also possesses a well-rounded work ethic and is known for her leadership abilities.

She has certainly been a star on campus, but her family has been the source of much of her success and has helped her to hone her leadership skills. Her parents have instilled confidence and fearlessness in her siblings that has served as a springboard for her activism efforts. The best part about her family is that they have been supportive and receptive to her growing involvement in the community and on campus.

Fearless Advocate against Social Injustice

When Lawrencia Palmer enjoyed her college life in 2019, one tragic event marred her experience. At the age of 18, she suffered from severe kidney failure. This prevented her from attending a lot of exciting senior-year events including grad night and the last day of school.

She was able to get through her difficult time with the support of her family and faith in God. She tries her best to keep her family close and spend as much time with them as possible.

As a social justice advocate, Lawrencia believes that treating someone differently just because of their race, class, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or disability is almost always wrong. In addition to advocating for human rights, she is also a vocal proponent of animal rights. She argues that animal rights should be thought of as a core aspect of social justice advocacy and takes action against speciesism and the rights of nonhuman animals. She is also a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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